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 The benefits of releasing more music in 2023

benefits of releasing more music  - Nsay digital Blog

The music industry is no more what it use to be. Thanks to the digital age Music Streaming is here to stay and we all must learn to tame the beast. There are a few benefits to releasing more music consistently

This is thanks to the advent of Streaming platforms which made music releasing a thing for everyone while ushering in a new era! An era where music supply beats demand

This has resulted in listeners’ attention span slimed down to the bare minimum. More than 40,000 songs are released on Spotify daily and the modern listener is constantly being overwhelmed and bombarded with new music. But here comes the silver lining;

Today I bring an even perspective while anticipating some of the questions tied to our topic.

Here is a fast-food version of everything I say in this post:

  • It’s better to release music in small packages and often.

  • Singles are better than albums with Eps in between.

  • 6-7 songs before an album are preferable to build enough data.

  • A release routine of 1 major project monthly is ideal.

  • Releasing more music keeps the algorithm happy.

  • Regular release helps fans talk about you more.

  • Your discovery chances ramp up when you release monthly.

  • Releasing more music regularly increases your chances of playlist placement.

  • A regular release allows for flexibility in experimentation.

  • Dropping new bangers regularly can get your Spotify followers Up.

Care to stick around for the juicy bits?

If your answer is “Yes” let’s kick things off with a little appetizer before I give you the main course straight from Nsay digital’s Cuisine:

Which is better: Releasing Singles vs albums?

In today’s times, the benefits of releasing Singles now outweigh those presented by albums thanks to streaming.  

Singles are better for building promotional momentum while albums can be better for engaging an existing fanbase. Newbies are yet to have a fanbase hence making albums not so ideal.

Putting out a single every month for the next 12 months can up your Spotify numbers. This is because streaming platforms are data-driven and take into account how consistently you release music. 

Spotify needs data on your music to be able to recommend it to listeners. Your first release on streaming platforms is likely to get zero plays because of this fact! This brings us to the next question:

Albums prevent you from taking full advantage of the benefits of releasing more music regularly. When was the last time you listen to a full album?

What? benefits of releasing more music - Nsay digital Blog

How many songs should I release before an album?

20 songs before an album could blow you up like you got a grenade in your pocket.

Lol, excuse my cheap humor!

There isn’t a specific standard to follow considering our now reality is skewed. But judging by how much music is being pumped into the world via streaming platforms daily, you need more singles out to catch some decent numbers first!

However, 6 to 7 singles under a monthly release routine might help you know if it’s time for an album. This translates to a 6-7 months duration. A duration just long enough to test the waters.

But this is only important if you decide it to be. The streaming era is here to help you not bother so much about albums. The CD-selling days are almost over!

Albums could come every 12 to 16 months after consistently releasing singles!

Here comes the gray area!


EPs pose a different scenario since it’s a slim-down version of an album. They can come a little sooner than an album and the duration at which they come depends on the individual. In 2023 EPs are much preferable to albums and could still help you to stay in the public eye.

Collaborative albums:

This is more of a strategy than a routine. As a beginner, a collaboration album with the right set of artists can get you a long way considering each song in the album is a “single” in its own right! 

Drake has about 80 featured artists in his discography. He has been hot ever since he went mainstream! His collaborators come packed with enough firepower to keep him banging our speakers to date.

 Iron would become a magnet if it stays around a magnet long enough! Drake isn’t the iron here, you are. That’s if you can picture the oil I’m trying to apply to this canvas!

And the glue to all this sensible noise!

Starting your musical journey with a collaborative album isn’t something 

I will advise. Release a couple of singles to refine your sound and give you some balance. This might be a game of numbers but it’s so easy to fool yourself in the absence of patience. 

Achieving a decent fanbase comes with work and you are of use to no one if you can’t be of no use to yourself. The more value you 

give to your music career, the better the quality of your collaborators anyways!

Unto the elephant in this room, the Main Course I promised.

How often should you release music?

This is very subjective too. Most artists are comfortable releasing 1 project every month which totals 12 songs a yr. It’s a sustainable module that won’t break the bank. 

Releasing quality music is expensive. Your wallet could thin out before your 2nd release if you don’t get your spending habits in check.

Let’s do some math: Simple addition, not rocket science!

To release 12 songs would require you to do more than 12 songs. This gives you a chance to only put out your best 12 from the bulk. Considering “practice makes perfect”; the more music you make the better your odds of making that one song that would blow you up. 

This depends more on how long it takes for you to finish a song.
If you write a full song every week, it will take you 12 months to complete 48 songs. And if your writing is any good, 12 songs from 48 songs would get you an audience for sure. 

But this road is not always rosy like I’m painting it right now.  Good music takes time to make and you will need to find a permanent producer for your project before you can pull this off.

My advice! 

Write more and choose smartly.

Record shop - benefits of releasing more music - Nsay digital Blog

Now, unto the benefits of releasing more music!

4 benefits of releasing more music this 2023

1) New music keeps your fans engaged:

Fans love new music especially if you got just a few good songs released. Dishing out new music to your listeners regularly gives them a chance to talk about you more. Let’s not ignore the number of clicks, likes, and comments that come flooding in via your social outlets.

Your chances of press ramp up If you make it a habit to value quality over quantity with a release consistency in mind, 

2) Releasing more music regularly increases your chances of playlist placement:

Large playlist such as editorial or algorithmic playlists largely depends on having good data. This is true in the first week of any release.

Good data results in listeners liking your songs rather than skipping them. The song the love eventually ends up in their playlists!

3) A regular release allows for flexibility in experimentation:

Experimentation here refers to your ability to dabble in different genres, test the waters and figure out what sticks. Your new fans might enjoy some complex Jerusalem melodies and unless you try, you will never know!

Streaming data helps you see how many people listened to your new song and from which demography. 

It even helps you analyze if your new “mbagalem” is resonating with your fanbase in china or not

4) Dropping new bangers regularly can get your Spotify followers Up:

Releasing more music regularly is the same as living in a nice house with a regular mule lawn. That helps neighbors know the house isn’t vacant so they can visit.

Mama rose gets an invitation every time you cook some chicken. This invitation comes in the form of an aroma oozing from your window to hers as you serve the chicken to your kids. 

If you can decode my cheap analogy you will quickly realize that the aroma represents the all-mighty algorithm.

Your followers get notified every time you release new music.

And there you go!

The benefits of releasing more music are not uploaded to your brain.

Did miss anything?
Let m know in the Comment Section.


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This is such a great write-up. Consistency and planning are very important in releasing new music, especially for career artists. I find this very useful.


It’s. Very good advice
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