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Welcome to Nsay Digital and thank you for choosing to use our services. First of all, ensure to read our Terms and Conditions before you submit any product. Then,


Steps on How to sell Digital Products on Nsay Digital

  1. Create an account by clicking on START SELLING on the homepage, or on REGISTER on the upper navigation bar. Choose REGISTER AS VENDOR and then fill in the required information.

  2. Send us an email through (or you may use another suitable means to contact us and sort everything out). In that email, specify the kind of product you want to sell (music album EP, LP, Single; PDF, graphic design, etc.

  3. For each product give:
    • a short description. (For example: “an exciting song expressing affection and positive vibes in a peaceful relationship”)
    • a long description. (For example, this can include what inspired the song, the creative process of it, producer, or what the song is intended to do to the listener. A kind of story of the particular project. You can write this to be as long as you want. It’s very important for us)
    • the mood (in case it is music or poems)
    • the genre (in case of music)
    • the release date (whether past or future)

  4. In the email, also include a good photo (portrait) of you.

  5. Attach the product(s) you want to sell as a zipped/archived file. For music, include the artwork. If it cannot be sent by email due to its size, look for another means of doing so, such as WeTransferGoogle Drive etc.

  6. Include the login details of the account you created on our site as a vendor, so that we can log in and set up your product(s) ourselves.

You can contact our customer service for more clarification.

Remember that you can always check your dashboard for all activities related to your product. You can request to withdraw your earnings at any time, and they will be made available within a given/agreed time frame, which could go up to two (2) weeks or beyond.

Also, remember that the commission for using the site is 10% of your sales when withdrawing (this will reflect on your dashboard). Be likewise reminded/informed that this commission excludes the charges related to the various payment methods as well as your withdrawal charges.

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