Last Night by Vernsai Sany

Last Night – Making up in a long-distance relationship

Last Night by Vernsai Sany

“Last Night” by Vernsai Sany is an expression of a reunion by two partners after a long time. 

Sometimes, long-distance relationships are the only option for some people. But that does not take away any of its disadvantages. Many couples struggle with this for a prolonged period of time, before eventually reuniting. 

Imagine the feelings of loneliness which is the most difficult part of long-distance relationships. Imagine the days without contact, living in different time zones, and missing important dates and events. 

Meeting after all this can be so exciting and heart-warming, even for an onlooker. 

The Song “Last Night”

It is this excitement that Vernsai Sany captures in her song “Last Night”. Lasting 03:38 minutes, the afrobeats track is produced by Marc Eff Of Kovapot. 

The song “Last night” talks about a couple that has been apart in a distant relationship for a very long time. They finally have the opportunity to meet each other again and want to make up and catch up on all the lost moments of their relationship. 

The Inspiration

Vernsai Sany wrote this song in 2021 in the studio with Marc Eff of Kovapot.

That latter had presented a lovely beat to her. Sany drew inspiration from a real-life story of someone she knew, who was in a long-distance relationship. 

Interestingly, there was a container of Bambi chocolate in the studio. Sany defined the lover to be as sweet as Bambi chocolate and linked the song to meet the other after a long while. She talks about the sweetness, warmth, and affection shared by the two after a long while. 

However, “Last Night” is a song anyone can listen to and enjoy. It is a great work of art, aside from being a work for lovers. 

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Where my lover people come add this to your playlist

Desmond Gray

I so much enjoy de song from de storyline to de Lyrics and the production is magic .thanks Vernsai for sharing that with us


It’s a beautiful song, she will go places with this talent.

Vernsai Sany

The part of the chocolate container always cracks me up 😂😂😂

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